About company

Nord Connect provides its customers with a full range of communications services. Following the latest achievements in telephony and in implementing such achievements, the company respects the traditions of classic telephony, and uses them in its practices.

 The core fields of operation for Nord Connect, which are supported by the relevant permits and licences, are services that relate to:

  • high-quality telephone communications;
  • network connections;
  • data transfer.

The company has two commutation centres; one in Tallinn and another in Frankfurt. Our international network of channels is arranged on the basis of a fibre-optic cable network with reserve channels.

Nord Connect employees are professionals who implement the wishes of our customers efficiently and with invariably high quality results. Our specialists have years of experience and knowledge in the field of communications, from working with different types of hardware, including the latest developments, as well as designing and implementing complex software and hardware systems. Employees of Nord Connect do not think in terms of heard or easy tasks in their area of expertise. Instead they cope with any task, providing the customer with the very best results. Our specialists are ambitious, capable of original thought, and are always focused on success. And, what is of most importance, they regard their work not as merely a source of income but as a favourite business in which they strive to reach the top.

Although Nord Connect has several successful development strategies and its business management policy regularly delivers benefits, its employees are not keen on resting upon their laurels. We regularly implement the use of new technologies in our activities, setting new goals for ourselves, and achieving them with the very best results.

We treat all of our customers with respect and attention throughout our work with them. On weekdays, weekends, national holidays, and around the clock, we always provide communications at the very best levels of ideal quality for you and will efficiently solve all possible problems that may arise.

Official company information:

Nord Connect OÜ

Address: Lõõtsa 2a,
Tallinn, 11415, Estonia
Reg. number: 12471673
VAT number: EE101645759

Bank: Swedbank AS
Liivalaia Street 8, Tallinn, 15040, Estonia
IBAN EE152200221057716236

Phone: + 372 618 9000
E-mail: info@nordconnect.com

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