Payment Instructions

1. Terms and Definitions

Operator: Nord Connect OÜ, registration number 12471673, legal address: Lõõtsa 2a, Tallinn EE 11415, Republic of Estonia, the company is the owner of website and provides services of mobile communication.

Subscriber: a person using prepaid card, the Operator’s services of international mobile communication and connection number assigned by the Operator.

Bank: credit institution that has performed the emission of Bank Cards.

Bank card: payment or credit card issued by credit institution, being an instrument for non-cash settlements and designed for operations performed by the Subscribers of with monetary funds available on the Subscribers’ Bank Account.

Billing system: automated electronic system of the Operator for accounting of operations on providing the Subscriber with Communication Services and payment thereof.

Internet: global system of voluntarily joined computer networks built basing on the use of IP protocol and routing of data packets.

Customer account: electronic account in the Billing System, serving for accounting of volume of Communication Services rendered and to be rendered, receipt and spending of monetary funds deposited by the Subscriber in payment for Communication Services.

Payer: Bank card holder being the User, who initiates the transmission via Internet of his instruction to the Bank on money transfer for payment of Communication Services by means of Internet payment.

Internet payment: payment for Communication Services carried out by the Payer (the Subscriber) via Internet.

Communication Service: activity of reception, processing, storage, transmission and delivery of signs, signals, written text, images and sounds via communication network of the Operator.

Website: a collection of informational resources posted on the Internet at the address

2. Description of Procedure for Internet Payment of Communication Services

2.1. Any payment with the use of the Website may only be made by the Subscriber who is registered on the Website.

2.2. You should familiarize yourself with procedure and rules of registration on the Website here.

2.3. After registration (see rules of Registration) you should go to section “E-Service” of the Website, subsection “Card replenishment”, and select one of the offered payment methods.

2.4. Following the link of the selected payment method, the system will request you to carry out authorization for which purpose the following documents will be necessary:

  • copies of those passport pages which contain the Subscriber ‘s photograph and identification data;
  • copy of bank card, from both sides (card number except four last digits must be hidden/covered).

These documents are necessary for identification of the Subscriber when he/she is making a payment, with the purpose to avoid fraudulent actions by third persons and will be only used by the Operator for identification of the Subscriber. Any information delivered by you when making transactions shall be considered confidential and may not be transferred to third persons except cases provided for by legislation of Estonia and by standards of international law.

Data transmission is only carried out in coded form and in protected mode under SSL 3.0 protocol which absolutely excludes the possibility of eavesdropping.

2.5. Following the link “Please go through procedure of authorization on the website“ you will get to the page “Authorization” by means of which you will be able to send above-mentioned document to administration of the Website.

2.6. Within the business day a notification from administration of the Website will arrive at electronic mail address indicated by you at registration, with confirmation of authorization procedure or with a request to repeat the procedure in case when for some reasons it has not been completed.

2.7. In case when you receive confirmation of authorization procedure you may return to the Website and continue the card replenishment procedure in accordance with instructions of relevant section and bank systems of electronic payments.

2.8. In case when you receive a notification of problems associated with authorization and a request for repeated going through this procedure, please act in accordance with instructions described in the notification.

2.9. A payment shall be considered made from the time when confirmation of successful completion of payment procedure is received from payment system that is being used.

2.10. After fulfillment of payment the whole amount shall be entered into your SIM card Balance within few minutes.

Important: successfully accomplished transaction cannot be cancelled and money paid cannot be returned!

3. Restrictions

3.1. The Operator shall retain the right to establish restrictions on the Subscribers’ possibility to enter monetary funds to their customer accounts. The Operator shall retain the right not to inform the Subscriber about reasons for introduction of such restrictions.

3.2. Money transfer by means of Internet payment shall be carried out with consideration of the following restrictions:

3.2.1. Minimal interval between instructions for money transfer with the use of the same Bank card is 30 (thirty) minutes.

3.3. When making payment with registration, one user may register not more than 3 (three) Bank cards.

4. Other Provisions

4.1. The Subscriber shall be notified about termination or modification of the present Instructions via the Website. The Instructions shall be considered modified from the time specified in the notification.

4.2. Money transfer via Internet payment by means of Bank Cards may be suspended by the Operator for the given Subscriber or Payer without explanation of reasons for unlimited time period.

4.3. The Operator shall not be held responsible before the Payer (the Subscriber) for delays and interruptions in operation of technical platforms and transport or communication networks that are not the Operator’s networks.

4.4. The Payer shall be held responsible for any actions committed by third persons on behalf of the Payer by using the Payer’s Bank card when making Internet payment, provided the Payer within 5 days has not notified the Operator about loss or theft of the Bank Card and/or about stealing of personal data (passwords, codes etc.).

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