Please get acquainted with instructions for use of the Website before registration.

The following information should be presented at registration in accordance with instructions:

  • E-mail (electronic mail address) – your actual address should be indicated since this address will be used not only as a logotype (of username) for entry into Personal Room but also as an address by which representatives of Nord Connect OÜ can get in touch with you. Besides, a message confirming your registration on the Website will be sent to electronic mail address indicated by you.
  • First name – your genuine given name should be indicated.
  • Last name – your surname.
  • Password – necessary for access to Personal Room. Password should be thought out by your own but we advise to use password consisting not only of letters but also of numbers. We strongly recommend not to use as a password the nouns, verbs, adverbs, participles, gerunds, proper nouns, geographical names, names of animals etc. best of all is to create password of mixed letters and numbers without any logical sense: then it will be much more difficult to crack it. Password must contain at least 6 symbols (numbers and/or letters).
  • Password confirmation – necessary for making sure that the password is remembered correctly.
  • Contact information – contains full residence address and contact telephone (home, job, mobile or other).
  • Date of birth – day, month and year of your birth.
  • Gender – select your sex from list.
  • Security code – randomly generated image with a code intended for protection against automatic logging. If you cannot recognize symbols on the image, renew the code by clicking on the image.

Confirming your registration (click on REGISTER button), you attest that you have got acquainted with instructions for use of the Website.

Information delivered by you at registration is strictly confidential and may not be transferred to third persons except cases provided for by legislation of Estonia and standards of international law.

After registration a message with a hyperlink from administration of the Website will arrive at electronic mail address indicated by you. You should follow this link to complete the registration.

If you wish to have more information about registration on RoamingSIM website, please use the feedback form or send a message at electronic mail address

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