About the Service

The most competitive mobile data rates with TravelGPRS service from RoamingSIM!

The usage of mobile data service while roaming is now more profitable for you due to the fact that we offer 10kb data billing step! This means that receiving of a single e-mail message on your mobile phone will cost from 0.023 eur to 0.24 eur for you, depending on the area of use.

Detailed information to data charges can be found under section Rates.

For this service please do the following:

1. "Data transfering/GPRS" service activation:

  • to activate this service, enter the code 903 on your phone (in manual mode, enter *146*903#) and press "Call" button. The service is activated.
  • to deactivate this service, enter the same code 903 (or *146*903#) and press "Call" button. The service is deactivated.
  • "Data transfering/GPRS" service can be activated or deactivated in your personal office on our Internet website http://manager.camelmobile.com/.
  • in section "Edit" tick or tick off the "GPRS" service.

2. To setup your phone:

  • APN: travel.lv
  • User name: leave empty.
  • Password: leave empty.

3. To use your phone as a modem:

  • SMTP server setup: mail.travelgprs.com

* please check whether your phone supports data transfering service before connecting the service.

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