About the Service

RoamingSIM – provides a service of international mobile communication which allows the users considerably saving on calls during their international travels due to advantageous tariffs on the outgoing communication and free incoming calls in many world countries.

The Service includes the following possibilities:

  • making and receiving roaming calls in 164 world countries;
  • receiving free incoming calls in 125 world countries (see Rates);
  • sending and receiving short messages (SMS);
  • using a convenient international mobile number from series: +371 222 ххххх or +371 21х ххххх;
  • controlling the number display;
  • using the quickest callback;
  • playing back voice messages in the caller’s language;
  • dynamic SIM menu with optionally programmable service at the server’s side;
  • statistics of calls and replenishments in real-time mode via “self-service room”;
  • possibility of binding the existing subscriber’s number to international card (service is available via number 800 in the partner’s country);
  • possibility of paying up the Service via the Internet by using Visa, MasterCard credit cards and PayPal system.
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