Why do I need RoamingSIM card?
When using the  RoamingSIM card you can significantly save on mobile communications abroad (up to 90% compared with the rates for roaming national operators!).

How can I to enter the "Subscriber’s Personal Office”?
Check the entering your user name and password. If you forgot your password, please use the "Forgot Password". Enter your e-mail, which you specified during registration. On it to you will be sending your password.

I lost the instruction. Where do I get one?
Instruction you can download on our website by clicking on "Instructions"

I’m lost my RoamingSIM card. Can I restore it? Will I lose balance?
You can restore the  sim-card with maintaining your previous balance and phone number. Contact our information technology support service.

Why do we need a "Subscriber’s Personal Office”?
Functions, available through the private office:
• Detailed statistics of calls and their value;
• Indication the e-mail for FAX service;
• Change main phone number;
• Information about PUK1 and PUK2codes;
• Available balance;
• Manage the service "HideNumber";
• The history of your payments-

To enter your personal office enters login - your number in the format 371XXXXXXX, password - code PUK2, indicated on the plastic of SIM-card.

How can Isee payment history on my sim-card?
Through the "Subscriber’s Personal Office”

Can I get details of calls?
Yes. Through the "Subscriber’s Personal Office”

Can I take an incoming call with zero balance?
Yes, in those countries where incoming calls are free, you can take an incoming call with zero balance.

How do I check the balance of RoamingSIM?
To check your SIM-card Balance you must select Menu> SIM Menu> Check Balance. Your phone automatically sends a request and after a few seconds you will receive information about the state of your SIM-card balance. You can also check your balance to make a call to the service number 099. The balance will be displayed on the screen of your phone.

Impossible to check your SIM-card balance with code 099 when SMS MODE used.

I forgot my number. How do I know it?
To find the connection number, assigned to you, select Menu> SIM Menu> Show My Numbers and click "OK".

In what currency are charged the telecommunication services?
Telecommunication services are charged in Euros.

How to replenish the balance of RoamingSIM card abroad?
While abroad, you can replenish the balance of RoamingSIM by the:
- Bankcard;
- Electronic money;
- Scratch - card;
- Through payment terminals and ATMs;
- Tell your friends to replenish your balance.

Can I replenish the balance before activate the RoamingSIM card?
Yes, you can replenish the balance before activate the SIM-card.

I cannot make outgoing calls.
Dial the number you wish to call in the international format ("00" or "+" - country code - city code, if it is used when calling - the phone number) and press the Call button (green tube)
On the phone screen appears «Wait for Call». Accept an incoming call by pressing the Call (green tube) and wait for a connection with the subscriber.
It can be a temporary problem with roaming partners (local operator). Then you must change it to another. (The menu, settings, select the operator manually)
If the problem persists, please contact our technical support.

What the term of validity RoamingSIM card is?
If within 2 years of the balance has not been replenished, and was not committed Call,the number is canceled.
The balance of the SIM-card temporarily blocked if the 1-year term balance of SIM-cards are not replenished. The sim-card is remains active. A blocked balance returning automatically for any new replenish or when the next time you travel abroad and use the SIM-card.

At what moment charging begins?
Calls charged begins from the moment of connection, i.e.from the moment when the subscriber answered the call.

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